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Celia Folan
Legal Executive

Celia Folan has worked as a legal executive in the area of private and corporate clients for in excess of 20 years. 

Celia joined the practice of Sheil Solicitors in 2002. With her previous employers Celia had primary responsibility for managing caseloads for a variety of work including, home loans - acting for a lender, and shared ownership acquisitions - acting for a local authority.

Celia has extensive experience in commercial and residential conveyancing, representing the interests of builders, financial institutions and private clients. Her experience extends to probate and administration of estates.

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An Introduction to Celia
What made you decide on law?   
Can’t really remember it is so long ago!

After a hard day at the office what do you do to relax?
Just love to sit down and read a book.  

Is there a particular aspect of your job that you enjoy?   
In my job I get to do a variety of things, which is probably what I like most about the work I do.

If you were on a desert island what is the one thing you would take with you? 
Tape of "The Last Waltz" by the Band.
If you had to choose between watching a film and reading a book which would it be and name the book or film?
A book would be my preference - "That They May Face the Rising Sun" by John McGahern.

If you were to give free legal advice to anybody what would it be?   
It would depend on what kind of advice they were looking for.

If you were told you could no longer practice or work in law what other career would you pursue?
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